Song Story – Holy Place

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I am often told that I am “religious” and whilst I understand why people say this, I always try to explain that being a Christian does not make me religious. Following a set of rules, regulations, traditions and conventions makes a person religious and this being the case, most people are religious. People religiously clean their car, brush their teeth, watch soap operas, go to church, sit in the same seat on the train and so on.

Many faiths are religious by their very nature and much of Christianity is steeped in religion because over the last two centuries we’ve added layer upon layer of ritual and tradition to our gatherings and lifestyles. The gospel is not religious. It doesn’t require us to follow a set of laws in order to have access to God.

From fall of mankind in the garden of Eden, God required a sacrifice from us to pay for our sins. The only way to have relationship with him was through the priests who had access to the holy place in the temple, and even then, only the high priest was allowed into the most holy place once a year. When Jesus died and rose to life, he atoned for the sins of everyone, once and for all. No longer do we have to make animal sacrifices and stick to a rigid set of rules and regulations in order to have a relationship with him. He is still the same God and we come to him in reverence and awe, but he is also our loving heavenly father who wants us to come to him and have relationship. That is what he created us for in the first place!
That is the message of this song. We enter into the holy place and approach him because Jesus has made that possible for us. I am not religious, at least not when it comes to my relationship with God. I do things because I love him and want to please him, not because I have to and I need to build credit with him to ensure my eternal destiny. It’s similar to my relationship with my wife. I don’t do things for her because I have to and I signed a legal contract, I do things for her because I love her and want to please her.

If you take one thing away from listening to this song, I hope it is that God loves you. He loves you so much that he washed your sin away with the blood of his son Jesus, so that you can approach him as a loving father. Notice I said “washed” – he has already done it, you don’t have to DO anything, just accept him and this incredible gift.