Song Story – Oh My Soul

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I love reading the Psalms. I love them because they are songs written primarily by one of the Bible characters that I Identify with most, King David, and because they are collection of songs that resonate with me at every level. They connect with every human emotion and are filled with hope and despair, praise and lament.

I have written many songs based on the Psalms but this is one of my favourite because each verse speaks of the way in which God loves, protects comforts, forgives and nurtures me. It’s a simple song, but they are sometimes the best! The chorus doesn’t get any more complicated that a single line repeated – “Oh my soul rejoice” because it’s a simple and humble response of my heart to an awesome God!

In the light of all the things that God has done for me, my soul rejoices. There is a surge of gratitude towards my heavenly father. There is nothing I can give him in return apart from my praise, and that is all he wants. He wants to be worshipped and he created me to do just that.

There is no higher and no better place to be than in the presence of God, giving him glory from the very depths of my soul. It’s not only an intellectual or even an emotional response, but an outpouring of every part of me. My body will decay after I am depart this world, my emotions change like the wind and my circumstances will never be perfect, but my rejoicing comes from my soul because that is what God has saved for eternity.

Rejoicing is not the same as happiness either, because this would restrict my praise to times when things are going well and I feel good. I can rejoice in every situation because even if my world is crashing down around my ears, I can still choose to worship and I still have a God that loves and has saved me.

Here is the live version of this song

If you want to listen to the original version of this song, click HERE